The activities in the ATC are so many and so varied, that we wouldn’t be able to list all of them. If you want to do it we can almost guarantee somewhere in the Air Cadet Organisation, you will be able to do it. Many cadets and many Staff talk about the 'Perfect 10' – These are 10 activities that you will easily be able to access, and get to do as often as you want to. This list is but a fraction of what can be offered.


Duke of Edinburgh Award

This is now one of the largest operators of the award in the world; we will help you to achieve the highest you can – including your gold award!


By participating in all the activities the ACO offer, you can qualify for your bronze award just by providing evidence; you already do the activities required. This is the same for silver and gold awards, with only a little bit of extra time required. The award is split into 4 areas – plus an extra one for gold.


  • Volunteering - Helping others in the local community.
  • Expeditions - Training for and planning of a journey.
  • Skills - Demonstrate ability in almost any hobby, skill or interest.
  • Physical Recreation - Sport, dance and fitness.
  • Residential Project - (Gold level only) A purposeful enterprise with young people not previously known to the participant.

Training, discipline, and control creates reward at the highest level.


You can become a marksman by using developed skills, discipline and control.


All shooting takes place in controlled conditions and is supervised at all time by qualified adult Staff members.


Cadets take part in the sport of target shooting as a standard part of their training. Competitions allow teams to show their skills, while the marksman award scheme helps develops cadets individually.


Cadets have the opportunity to train on and fire several different rifles at distances between 5m to 500 meters. The type of shooting also varies with challenges from getting all the rounds in a tight group, to getting the highest score in a short amount of time, or even hitting a moving target!

First Aid
First Aid

First Aid is so important in life, and as such we make it a priority within cadets. Every cadet will achieve their hearstart qualification within the first 12 months of joining cadets. They then have the opportunity to develop their First Aid skills with further courses; the highest qualification enables the cadets to teach less skilled cadets in First Aid.


As well as the training they also have the opportunity to participate in competition First Aid; not just against the Air Cadets but also the Army Cadets, Sea Cadets and St Johns Ambulance Cadets.


Part of First Aid is an activity called Casualty Simulation. First Aid is messy and it’s important the cadets don’t just practice in 'clean' environments. Casualty Simulation mimics real wounds with make up and allows Cadets to deal with visual, and physical situations..      


See what you can achieve, see how far you can go.


Teamwork is important in Cadets, for a good team you need a good leader.


Our leadership is built into every day events at cadets, but also specialist courses with the opportunity to gain civilian qualifications are available. To be promoted you will also attend leadership courses for the level of promotion you are at.


We do command tasks, field craft, taking drill, leading a group on a map reading exercise or taking a team to a competition.


In cadets we encourage leadership, and will develop a skill that is nearly essential in civilian life.


The Air Cadets offer a variety of sports that range from squadron level to national competitions. This includes football, rugby, hockey, netball, swimming, and athletics.


We cater for all skills levels and will happily teach anyone who has never participated before. Occasionally events come up which are once-in-a-lifetime oppotunities; such as swimming the Englih Channel.


Devon and Somerset Wing has a band that regularly competes at National level but it’s not just a marching band. They also have an ensemble, bag pipes, a drum corps and are hoping to set up a choir.


National, Regional and Wing run residential courses to help encourage the music within the wing, but Cadets can study for their BTEC in Music Studies regardless of band membership.


Any cadet is welcome to join the band – even if they can’t play an instrument!

Aviation Studies
Aviation Studies

In the Air Cadets you can work towards a unique national aerospace qualification. The Air Cadets are the only provider which provides the BTEC certificate, extended certificate and Diploma in Aviation Studies.


It covers subjects like principles of flight, propulsion and navigation; it provides vital information for the new aviator.


As well as providing the training required for practical applications such as glider training, the BTEC Diploma in Aviation Studies is the equivalent of four GCSEs.


Once you've completed Leading Cadet level in the Aviation Studies BTEC you can start another in Public Services; add both to your CV for extra impact!



Nowadays there are so many different camps you can attend. From somewhere close by to Canada.


Every year there are Summer and Easter camps with the Royal Air Force; where there is adventure training and multiple activities.


Camps offer a fantastic opportunity for Cadets to put into practice their training. A chance to meet otherCadets from all over the country, possible the world.


Overseas camps include Gibraltar and Cyprus as well as the International Air Cadet Exchange scheme which sees Cadets from all over the world visiting each other.

Flying and Gliding

Flying & Gliding

Do you want to fly solo before you drive? Well, at the age of 16 you can go solo in a glider.


There is a progressive training plan with both powered aircraft and glider.

lastonbury Air Cadets

Cadets fly in the training aircraft as part of an experience – gaining essential experience of being in a cockpit environment – as well as the joy of flying in an aerobatic aircraft.


With the gliders you can earn coloured wings – depending how far your training has gone. Nothing compares with the quietness of being in a glider, above the fields of Hullanvington.

Adventure Training

Adventure Training

The Cadets provids a fantastic opportunity to partake in adventure training activities, likely these are activities you have never done before. This can happen locally or in another country if you are lucky.


At the moment the activities offered by the Wing, with a few more at National level, are  Global Expeditions, Hill Walking, Road Marching, Paddle sports, Indoor Climbing, Mountain / Trail Biking, Caving, Sailing, and Skiing. However, more and more are becoming available as new instructors join the organisation.