The Cadet Leadership Team

Being a Cadet is more than being a kid; when a Cadet is capable and willing, they could be handed a leadership position within the cadet cadre. We call these Cadets NCOs. An NCO has differing levels of responsibility and are vital to a smooth running Squadron.

Below you'll be able to see how we structure out NCOs to gain the most out of them, and to give them the most they can get.

Cdt FS.png
Flight Sergeant
Our Flight Sergeant is top of the pack. Their job is to manage the cadets on a day-to-day basis and ensure the NCOs are doing their jobs.
We have 1 Flight Sergeant.
Cdt Sgt.png
Cdt Sgt.png
For ease of management and in-squadron competitions, we split the Squadron into Flights. Our Sergeants are placed as NCOs in charge of these flights. They are there to ensure smooth running and to provide a steady point of contact to help Cadets develop personally.
We have 2 Sergeants.
Cdt Cpl.png
Cdt Cpl.png
Corporals are the foot-soldiers of the Cadet Rank system. Their job is to maintain order and control from within. They assist the higher ranks where required and ensure Cadets are staying up to standard.
We currently have 2 Corporals.