Empower - Encourage - Enjoy


To 914 (Glastonbury and Street) Sqn Air Cadets.


It is a massive privilege to be the Officer In Charge of one the most active Squadrons in Devon and Somerset Wing. I received my commission as of March 2019 and took over command in November 2019.


This journey continues as we are always welcoming new Cadets and Staff to our family as well as having to say goodbye to those that move on.


As a Squadron we pride ourselves on welcoming everybody whatever their physical or mental abilities - if you have a particular requirement, come in and have a chat, we will find a way which will help you get the most out of cadets.


The Vision


My vision is for the squadron to be a safe environment for young people to experience new activities, to challenge themselves, and to meet other people. Every activity we do succeeds in meeting the aims of the Air Training Corps - which have stood the test of time.


The Aims

  • Promote and encourage a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force among young people.

  • Provide training which will be useful in the Services and civilian life.

  • Encourage the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship.


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