Do I have to buy my own uniform?

For the most part, no, we will provide the majority of the uniform. You may have to purchase shoes and boots as having your size in stock is rare.


How old do I have to be to join?


You can join from 12, as long as you are in year 8, up until your 17 and a half. If you are older you can join the Civilian Comitte from 18, and become adult staff from 20.


Will my school work suffer?


The squadron staff are aware of the pressures and expectations of school, especially during the exam period. We are happy to authorise study leave away from the squadron. However we do strongly believe that extra curricular activities are equally important to academic achievements. Some even find the Cadets a refreshing break from all that studying.


When do you meet?


We meet every Monday and Thursday from 1900 - 2130. You don't have to be able to attend every evening. There are also opportunities for Day activities, Week activities, or anything in between.

How strict are you?


Although we are a disciplined uniformed organisation our aim is to create an enjoyable environment for young people to explore new opportunities safely. We aim to instil a sense of personal pride and encouragee them to become responsible, respectful and enthusistic young adults.

Will I have to cut my hair?

As part of the uniform, you will have to have smart hair. Currently, males and females have different regulations as to how their hair should be. Generally speaking, Male hair is required short, while females are required to put there's into a bun if long enough.

I am disabled - can I join?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to join. Please speak to staff about any specific arrangements or requirements which will need to made for you.

Do I have to join the military?

No. The Air Cadets are not a recruitment service and will support you in your chosen career. The skills we teach you are relevant to all areas of employment.

What if I can't afford to come?

Money will never prevent a cadet from doing the core activities; if you have financial problems please come and talk to us.

Is bullying a problem?

The Air Cadets has a zero-tolerance of bullying or abuse and any such issues are dealt with swiftly and promptly.