Parade Nights

The main event as a Squadron, activities can range far and wide. We like to keep things as varied as possible to maximise interest and skills.

There are few rules about what we can do on a parade night.

Ceremonial Parades

The pride and discipline of the Cadets is on display while parading, and everyone involved shows it. Whether it is paying respect to the fallen on Remembrance Day or celebrating a new Mayor, this is where the Cadets suit up.

It is also a time where the public see us in all of our glory.


During their time as Cadets, awards and qualifications can be earned. These can be in the form of certificates, badges, or even medals.


Awarded at Squadron level an up, these are worth striving for.



A trip close to many on the Squadron, the annual visit to Belgium is an intimate and in depth look into those who served in WW1. There are museums and memorials, with the trip being a resounding success since its inception.

Only 10 Cadets and 4 Staff go, making it a vastly different experience to other visits.


A cornerstone activity on our Squadron as we have 3 dedicated staff who love to get Cadets firing. Careful in all aspects, Cadets can fire weapons over distances varying from 5.5m to 600yrds.

It could be an Air Rifle, or a larger calibre full bore Rifle, but every stage defines a Cadet's Skill.


Nothing gets the blood flowing like a good bit of competition. Nearly all of our activities have competitions at varying stages and Cadets enter them from all over the country.

Prizes can be won, records can be broken, and friends can be made. Fine goals for anyone.

Off Squadron

Not everything can be done within the confines of our premises. This means that we have to move far and wide sometimes to get the fullest out of the organisation.

This could be simply bigger versions of what we do on the Squadron, or something completely unique.

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