Why The Air Cadets?

This organisation offers young people from every walk of life to get active, learn new skills, and make new friends.


It doesn’t interfere with school, and the experiences they get help them in the outside world, from school to the workplace. We encourage them to be confident, to have their own opinions, and how to express them. We do have some cadets take up careers within the services but we are not a recruitment tool, we have just as many if not more cadets choosing other careers; the skills they pick up will help them whatever path they choose. Personal development is an important goal to us.


We have fully qualified volunteer staff that provide the activities on offer and at squadron level we help them build their strengths and improve their confidence. We help identify their weaknesses and improve them and teach them how to embrace things which are different about themselves.

Parental Responsibilities 

We ask parents for as little as possible unless you want to help out more. We need your consent for a Cadet to join, and your consent to participate in activities, in particular strenuous ones. Uniform is provided by the Squadron where possible, and we will strive to ensure a Cadet is properly kitted out. We do loan cadets equipment and extra clothing where possible. We point out and encourage the Cadets to maintain their uniform by themselves; they should be ironing, polishing, and sewing.


Apart from this, all we expect is for the Cadets to turn up promptly to meetings, and attend events they have signed up for.


If you wish to become more involved, feel free to come and have a chat with the staff.

How Much Is It?

There is a monthly subscription of £15. This goes towards funding the activities provided and reduce costs for some of the activities. For example a week long camp at an RAF base with everything included (transport, meals, accommodations, all activities) is only £70 for 7 days.


All sports, flying, gliding, shooting, and many other activities are paid for by the monthly subscription and won’t require extra money.

If money is an issue please talk to the staff, we won’t let cadets not attend events because they cannot afford to go. We have procedures in place to help out on the financial front.


The Squadron provides the rest of the required funding, primarily through the fundraising efforts of the Civilian Committee that every squadron has. We’re always looking for parents who are keen to get involved with their Squadron’s Committee or would like to become a volunteer!